Groovetastic – Ostani samo ti (Russell Small & DNO P Remix)

Piše: - 24.02.2023.

Internationally recognized author, producer & remixer Russell Small is delivering his magic on new Groovetastic single

Groovetastic is Croatian disco/nu disco project, and it is masterminded by Davor Devčić & Anđelko Preradović with great vocals by Sabina Špoljar. Second single is called “Ostani samo ti” and they are releasing tracks exclusively in Croatian language. After only a few emails, Russell agreed to remix the track, because he felt a positive vibe and potential to take his spin on the song. He complimented Croatian lyrics and delivered standard high quality club production. Original video version is now available with the Russell Small & DNO P version, so you can enjoy it on Youtube as well as on Zabavni radio.


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